21 Days to the Love of Your Life by Kac Young (19/23)

It takes only 21 Days to set the pattern in the conscious mind to find and attract a mate. It is both science and art and the process takes you deep into yourself, opens blocked windows and allows you to sort out your personal values and what you really want in a mate.  You dedicate 21 consecutive days, 20-30 minutes per day to work this process.

On the 22nd day you are ready to venture out into the world and attract a mate; the person who is also seeking you. There is no magic, no mystery, just three dedicated weeks of focusing on what you truly want to find and how you see life with another person unfolding.  The process requires frank honesty from the seeker.

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Contributors: Kac Young from 21DaysToTheLoveofYourLife

Written by Taegan Lion

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  1. This book and process has been responsible for hundreds of relationships and marriages. If you want a mate, read this book, work the 21 Day process and get the results you want.

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