A Case of Mixed Feelings (6/10)

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Procrastination is due to mixed or conflicting feelings and involves wanting to do something and also not wanting to do it or fearing doing it. We want to: go to the dentist but hate pain, vacuum the house and also want watch our favorite TV show, find a better job but fear rejection.

Overcome mixed feelings by:

  • Not using the word procrastination which has a negative connotation and leads to feeling bad about ourselves which kills motivation. Just say, I have mixed feelings, a neutral sentiment.
  • If your parents put off doing things they needed to do, you likely picked up this behavior from them-Dad kept saying he’d stop drinking and didn’t or Mom swore she’d clean out the basement to make a rec room but never did. They couldn’t teach you skills they didn’t have, but you can learn them now.
  • Don’t bully yourself with words like should/must/have to/need to, which only generate internal rebellion. Replace them with want/wish/desire/would like to.
  • Focus on rewards for doing unlikeable tasks, rather than dwell on why you don’t want to do them, a process called leapfrogging. Skip over the bad feeling and immerse yourself in the good feeling.

Contributors: Karen R Koenig from KarenKoenig

Written by Ben Skute

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