A Magician Takes A Tumble (6/7)

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My name is Mitch Williams, and I’m an international award winning magician and sleight of hand artist.I was presenting my revue show act in the mainstage room, the Palace of Mystery in Los Angeles. In this act I have several segments that are done silent, all choreographed to engaging music.

At one point in the floating ball routine, as the ball was pulling me forward on the stage rather forcefully, my feet went completely out from under me, flying up in the air so that my entire body was horizontal in midair at about chest level, and I fell with a huge bang, flat on my back. Unfortunately, this particular routine is about as far as you can get in tone from slapstick comedy, so this was completely out of place. The audience was shocked, to say the least–as was I!

Contributor: Mitch Williams from illinoismagician.com

Written by James Metcalfe

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