Age of Cryptocurrency + The Truth Machine (1/12)

There are so many books being published about Bitcoin and blockchain tech generally, and many go out of date by the time they reach print. However there are some excellent ones which really dig into lasting principles, and I’d like to recommend Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey’s ‘Age of Cryptocurrency’, as well as their more recent follow-up “The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything”.

Together these two books will provide a thought-provoking and informed perspective on the history and implications of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the potential impact of blockchain technology and distributed ledgers in a range of sectors. They’re well-written, only as technical as they absolutely need to be, and very thoroughly researched – as you’d expect from two WSJ journalists.

I often recommend their work to anyone new to the sector who really wants to understand the technological and ideological roots, as well as the potential impact, of this new tech and asset class.

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