All About Routine (10/25)

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Whenever life gets busy, exercise seems to be the first thing we drop from our to-do list. However, throughout the years, I’ve learned that in order to incorporate exercise into my busy lifestyle, I had to make subtle changes to my daily routine.

For me, the first change I made was adding a standing desk to my office. There are numerous benefits to standing desks; not only do they reduce back pain, but they help lower your risk of weight gain as well. While this was just one seemingly small change, it has made all the difference. Another trick I learned early on was to find an exercise I could incorporate into my personal life. For me, that was running with my spouse. Not only is it a great way to work out, but it has been a great bonding activity for the two of us. No longer do we feel guilty for taking time away from the other one to work out – we can do it together.

Contributors: Lyndsay Markley from Lyndsay Markley Law

Written by Ben Skute

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