Are hashtags the new tagline? (10/22)

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When the tagline works it can be a huge boost to the brand (like for DeBeers Diamonds A Diamond is Forever or Wheaties The Breakfast of Champions) Taglines can be generated in-house or by an agency partner like my firm if you want outside creative help. Either way, the tagline itself usually comes out of market research about the company, things customers have said about the product or service, attributes of the product or service, and feelings people have when they use it. Then the goal is to put a clever spin on something the product or service excels at so that it is memorable.

Today the tagline seems to have been replaced by the hashtag, which can be much more useful in a social media-dominated marketing world. By adding a trending hashtag (like #travel or #love) or a descriptive hashtag (like #happy or #fun), advertisers can increase the likelihood of being found by customers interested in a common topic. Some brands use hashtags as if they were taglines, such as #DriveProgress which Audi used in its 2017 Super Bowl ad or Kit Kat’s #haveabreak. While these hash taglines seem more like traditional branding, they can sometimes turn into popular social media memes and powerful brand assets like Always created with #LikeAGirl.

Contributors: Paige Arnof-Fenn from Mavens & Moguls

Written by Zak Parker

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