Bellingham, Washington (1/8)

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Bellingham, Washington

The mountain bike trails near Bellingham offer great cross country and all mountain riding, with dreamy “hero” dirt, fun trails, and a great mountain biking community. Bike companies like Transition Bikes began in Bellingham, inspired by this wealth of great riding. Galbraith is the centerpiece of Bellingham’s riding, spanning over 3,000 acres just southwest of town with mountain bike trails climbing up and down through the mossy Pacific Northwest forest. There are 100+ trails here, ranging from flowy jump trails to tricky technical one. Try one of the classic Galbraith loops for a taste of the goods, dropping into the Evo trail to Unemployment Line, finishing with Atomic Dog. Bellingham is all about the descents, gear up with a proper trail mountain bike, or stop by the Transition HQ to pick up a demo.

Chuckanut Mountain offers some great shuttle accessed riding just outside of town, too, offering more great trail and Puget Sound views. The incredible dirt and immaculately sculpted trail make mountain biking in Bellingham so much fun.

Written by Matt Sklar

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