Breaking Into YOUR Silicon Valley by Irwin Ki (13/42)

People think the ONLY way to get rich is to start their own business, but most rich people start off at low-level employees in a “Gateway Job” that builds your skill set or leads you into your next big career. Take for example Austin: She started as a marketing intern at Uber, now she’s on the executive team of a $50 billion company. Or take Jim, who went from a customer support rep wearing a phone headset all day, to moving up the company ladder, to getting a juicy exit when the company IPO’d.

Breaking Into YOUR Silicon Valley that I wrote offers:

  • 20 examples of people who got a small “Gateway Job” than landed their Dream Job (and step-by-step how they did it….so you can copy).
  • 2-8 Gateway Jobs for each industry including sales, marketing, finance, operations, IT, legal, development, product management, customer support, and HR.
  • HOW to get your first “Gateway Job” with actual scripts, and tips on how to position your resume and skills.
  • “Gateway Job Flow Charts” which plot out career paths of people who went from low-level jobs to six-figure positions (For example we visually plot out how Corina went from Macy’s retail, moved up to sales development, and now has a six-figure a year job as senior renewals account manager).

By the end of this book you will have a solid idea of which “Gateway Job” will be the best way to break into and how to execute starting building your successful & lucrative career.

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Contributor: Irwin Ki 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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