Budget With Research (23/54)

One of the biggest mistakes we try to avoid with clients is spending money on any form of marketing without proper research. Thanks to technology you can get data on potential customers in many ways. We always encourage clients to get this data to better understand who’s interested in their product or service. When you do this you often see a higher return on your marketing investment. Without it, you will see inconsistent returns at best, if you see any return at all.

A bigger mistake is to think you are not spending enough money and instead of going back to the drawing board your increase your budget. Before spending any money on marketing be sure you have a reason with data behind it. Don’t start a marketing strategy because it sounds nice, because you see other businesses doing it, or because you saw it an article. Everything business related needs to be specific to you. Do the research and with smart planning, the results will come.

Contributor: Chris Williams from clockinmarketing.com

Written by James Metcalfe

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