C3 Head Wash Foam Cleanser for Bald, Shaved, and Buzzed Heads (2/40)

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Chances are, Grandpa is bald or balding, right? You can also bet he’s probably drying out his bald dome with soap or shampoo. This holiday, give granddad the gift of a smooth, hydrated dome with C3 Head Wash from Comprehensive Cranium Care®. 

The pH balanced formula gently cleanses without drying, and leaves the face and scalp smooth, hydrated and refreshed – perfect for the skin of an older gent, which tends to dry out more easily. It’s also incredibly soothing after a shave! And you can feel great about your gift, because Comprehensive Cranium Care products are safe for humans and the environment, and are certified cruelty free and made in USA. 

Contributor: Adam Fitting from Comprehensive Cranium Care

Written by Ben Skute


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