Candle Making Classes (1/9)

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From the company: Our space is intimate, fun, relaxing, and some would even say romantic.

Couples have private time together as they explore the fragrance table to determine their favorite candle scents! All of our fragrances have aromatherapy benefits and some of our scents are even aphrodisiacs … one sniff of vanilla or Sandalwood and viola – a love connection is made.

After each guest picks their favorite fragrance they go back to their spots to pour the natural soy and coconut wax into their jars. Of course, all while sipping on their favorite wine.

Contributor: Ashley Shillingford from Aroma Kyoor 

Written by James Metcalfe


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  1. I love hands on activities which I think is great for first date to ease any nervousness…I would definitely do this!!!

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