Can’t Move On From a Past Statement or Situation (7/16)

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Oftentimes our mind sticks to a statement or action that someone makes during a discussion or an argument. People say things in the heat of the moment or make statements that are misunderstood. I encourage clients to speak openly with their partner about how they feel in these instances. But I suggest that they do it in a calm nature when they are both open to receiving what one another has to say. This can bring along clarity because many times one person means something from a statement while the other hears it differently.

Now, if your partner has apologized and assured you that they did not mean to hurt you and explain their intention behind a statement, and you still can’t stop thinking about it, you could be over analyzing. You question whether you should have forgiven him/her, whether they were sincere. Your mind can’t stop racing and you’re thinking questions after question when really, your relationship should be built on trust.

Contributors: Chantel Cohen from CWC Coaching and Therapy

Written by Ben Skute

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