Clean Now, So You Can Clean Less Later (1/10)

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My rule for the carpet is, clean it now because it never becomes easier later. It applies to everything concerning the carpet, from vacuuming to cleaning spills. Keeping dust and dirt on the carpet for a long time only makes things worse, because the dirt gets worked up into the fibre, which makes it impossible to remove. Everything, if not removed, eventually gets to the carpet padding, and it can’t be removed from there. Some spills can even resurface after they appear to be cleaned, simply because some of the liquid has dried on the padding and liquifies again when heat is applied. So, vacuuming twice a week is mandatory, and as soon as you make a spill, get an absorbent towel, blot up the stain, then apply a paste of baking soda and water, work it into the fibre using a soft brush and back and forth motion, then blot up the excess with a moist towel until the stain disappears. And remember – never wipe and scrub!

Contributors: Jane Wilson from Fantastic Cleaners

Written by Taegan Lion

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