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Not all cleaning products are created equal. So what should be on high-alert for and make sure to avoid when buying new cleaners?

– Look for non-toxic products, however, be careful to look at the specific ingredients. Because there is no universal standard for what defines “non-toxic” some companies may use the term more broadly.

– Avoid chlorine, which has been shown to be harmful to humans (especially on the skin). If you do have to use chlorine-based cleaner make sure you properly dilute it (if needed) and use gloves.

– No animal testing. There are fewer and fewer reasons why companies still use animal testing. So whenever possible avoid products where they test on animals. Here is a comprehensive list of all the company’s who still use animal testing.

– Look for biodegradable products. Specifically, look for a “Readily Biodegradable” label. This term indicates that takes just a few weeks to break down.

– Make your own cleaning products. If you are struggling to find good cleaning products in a store, it may just be easier to make your own green and natural cleaners at home. For some cool and green recipes for natural cleaners, you can make yourself at home, check out Modern Castle.

Written by Hassan

I am the cofounder of Fupping which was created as a platform in which users can publish high quality content on products and services. This will in turn generate income for the user and also provide in depth reviews, detailed comparisons and tremendous gift ideas for everyone else.

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