Clear Understandable Brand Name (3/18)

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I re-branded my company in 2015 from BMC Headwear to King & Fifth Supply Co. My biggest piece of advice would be to choose a brand name that is clear and people can understand during an introduction. Before we rebranded, I can remember countless times when people would ask… what, huh,.. what was the name? It sounds so elementary, but it was so true. How would anyone remember us if the name didn’t even roll off our tongue clean and clear? Second I would say would be to develop a name that sounds expensive and of superior value. We made many changes once we rebranded, but I truly feel these two changes helped the brand get to the next step.

Contributors: Brian Mcalister from King & Fifth Supply Co 

Written by Zak Parker

Journalist, writer, musician, professional procrastinator. I'll add more here later.

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