Clearweather : Family Owned and Operated Sneaker Brand (30/32)

The Contraband Collection : Lightweight Comfortable Sneakers

Founders, Owners, Footwear Designers , and Brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker.

After working for some of the sneaker industries largest footwear brands, we decided to start our own footwear legacy to pass down to our kids. We’re hungry for creating new design concepts that last for decades. We love what we do and we think there should be more independent footwear options outside the big brands. So we started a family business called Clearweather. Less Corporate, More Independent

The Contraband Collection will only be available for Pre-Order until April 6th. After that we will order the exact amount pre-ordered the ensure no pairs go to waste.

The Contraband Collection

NightSparrow for $135 / Free International shipping

NightHawk for $165 / Free International Shipping

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