Come Back Strong by Lori Ann King (2/94)

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Don’t let the title fool you, this book is packed full of information about hormones, menopause, wellness, aging, exercise, nutrition, self-care, stress, sleep, sex, communication, mindset, empowering yourself… and more! It is for women in all stages of hormonal transition (PMS too!) who are seeking the peace and serenity that comes from balanced wellness.

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Contributors: Lori Ann King from Come Back Strong, Balanced Wellness after Surgical Menopause

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. One of the Best books I have ever read. Super informative and not just for the women! For us guys to! So Grateful to know Lori!

  2. A warm hearted author. Women deserve other inspirational woman. Surgical menopause is a life changing experience. Sharing is the best way forward. Don’t suffer or be left alone in your experience. Read this book. Then share your healing.

    • Thank you for your kind words! Even my hubby learned when he read it! We all have different perspectives… when we share our story with the world it gives them the opportunity to show us compassion – and we can all use more of that!

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