Complete Cocktail Shaker Infuser Set (27/56)

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  • COMPLETE COCKTAIL INFUSING SET – Everything needed to make your own homemade infused spirits. Set includes Infuser with a built in stainless steel mesh filter, perfectly shaped rounded Ice ball molds + 10 Exclusive Drink Recipes. Infuser has a capacity of 9 fl oz. 
  • CREATE 100% PURE AUTHENTIC CONCOCTIONS – Tastemaker allows you to Create your very own spellbinding concoctions while managing the purity and honesty of the infusion ingredients – no strange flavorings or additives. Personalize it to your own unique taste. 
  • AMAZING CONVERSATION PIECE – The Tastemaker cocktail set makes for an excellent conversation piece. Guests are bound to ask about it and about its amazing functions. It’s simple to clean being that its Dishwasher safe and 100% BPA Free. 
  • QUICK, SIMPLE & EASY – Grab a bottle of distilled vodka or any base liquor, throw in your favorite fruits, herbs, candy or spices, then watch it infuse in as little as 5 minutes or wait up to 24 hours to get a complete thoroughly infused cocktail, Strain and Enjoy! 
  • BE AN INFUSED COCKTAIL MIXOLOGIST – Jaw Drop and dazzle your friends, family and guests and enjoy your drinks like a pro with this easy to use cocktail infuser, and perfectly shaped ice balls. Easily become your party Mixologist just by simply using the Tastemaker.

Contributor: Shannah Henderson from Tastemaker

Written by Ben Skute

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