Creating A Community (7/9)

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Facebook has given us the chance to create a community for professional Truckers and professional Movers under our Facebook page Trucking Depot. Our Facebook for our community has a little over 400,000 followers currently and is used to help promote any special sales that are going on through our websites to help truckers save money.

We also have a personal Facebook page with just under 100,000 followers under the Ratchet Straps name. We use this to strictly post our business updates, sales information, as well as a way to share our blog posts or product information so the customers can see if it fits their personal or business needs. I believe Facebook has a large influence on obtaining first-time customers, as well as benefiting our long-term customers by reminding them of our great product lines and seasonal sales.

Contributor: Michael Russell from ratchet straps

Written by James Metcalfe

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