Cultivating Society (5/16)

Genre fans are the best people. All you have to do is go to any horror film festival or convention, and you will see a comradery amongst strangers which is truly inspiring. They’ve created this amazing community that completely accepts you for who you are. No judgment. Whereas sports fans have a tribalistic aspect and have been known to take their rivalries a bit too far.

You won’t see Chucky fans in a brawl with Freddy fans. Instead, they celebrate one another. Horror, like any genre film, can be used as a filter for what the filmmaker is trying to say. It takes the taboo away from topics that most of us are uncomfortable to touch upon. A really good film does this and you never even realize it. In so doing that it exposes the audience to a different perspective and hopefully causes them to question their own beliefs, even if it’s only during the brief walk to your car as you exit the theater.

Contributor: Geoffrey Calhoun from

Written by James Metcalfe

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