Decreases Sense of Growth and Well-being (4/8)

A clean office with no overflowing trash cans, old broken furniture lying around, dusty blinds, and cluttered employee desks portrays a company that works efficiently and professionally. Obviously, an unclean office can give a negative impression not just to the prospective clients, but also to the company employees.

If your employees perceived their workplace as a very unprofessional space, then they are more likely to work unprofessionally. Employees may feel that the company offers little sense of growth. They may also feel disrespected by their employer as they might think that the uncleanliness was due to their employer’s lack of concern for their well-being. A good employer should give employees a sense of growth towards their career and be concern for their whole well-being.

If office uncleanliness negatively affects your employees’ work-related happiness, productivity, and health, then start implementing office cleanliness activities to boost company morale. When you allow and give your employees a chance to work in a healthy and clean environment, not only your employees will benefit—even you and your clients will.

Written by Olivia Perez

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