Dr. Romance’s Guide to Finding Love Today by Tina Tessina (2/23)

Whether you are dating as an adult, a single parent, a widow or a senior and have experienced loss, or even if you have given up on relationships, or been single for a while, or are new to dating, this guide will tell you what you need to know to draw on your own life experience and know-how and apply those skills to the dating process.

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Contributors: Tina B. Tessina from tinatessina.com

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. This author has such wise and practical advice that I wish I could have friends like that. I’ve read several of her books, and when she talks about love and romance, I feel like she knows everything.

    • Thank you! After 40 years counseling couples, I’ve learned quite a bit. I’d be happy to be friends. Check out Tina Tessina on Facebook.

  2. Great book, accessible and sound advice for single women. I’m recoomfnding it to my single friends who want to find love.

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