Event Horizon (7/34)

Event Horizon - Trailer [HD]

I noticed that there were no proper HD versions of the Event Horizon trailer to be found anywhere on youtube, so I decided to recreate it. The audio is simply lifted from the original trailer, but all the clips have been re-inserted from the BluRay copy of the film.

When thinking about science fiction horror movies, most people think of Alien or its sequel Aliens. But Event Horizon is the most suitable science fiction movie to scare you on Halloween, combining psychological horror with heart-attack inducing jumps. 

A rescue mission is dispatched to look for survivors on the Event Horizon. A spaceship that has reappeared in a decaying orbit of Jupiter after mysteriously disappearing over seven years ago. The rescuers find the ship without a soul on board, but that doesn’t mean they are alone. 

Event Horizon bombed on release, but has picked up a cult following since due to its strong cast and the fact that it haunts your nightmares for weeks after watching. 

Contributor: John Ridley from Stranger Views

Written by Taegan Lion

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