Every Day Thankful by Becca Anderson (44/47)

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This lovely book is full of graces, blessings, and quotes to share over the evening meal, as a hostess gift, or for daily reflection. In today’s frenetic world, the common experience of sharing grace and gratitude can restore a sense of community and humanity to society and can enhance your relationships.

By praying together at the daily meal with these gratitudes, your family will be happier as you become bonded together by blessings. Add the joy of living in thankfulness by incorporating daily reflections and inspirational prayers into your plan for each day. This collection of 365 blessings-ranging from the words of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh and Abraham Lincoln to Maya Angelou and Oprah-will bring joy to your family and friends as you share, pray, and reflect together.

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Contributors: Christina McCall from Mango Publishing

Written by Taegan Lion

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