Evidence Of Love by Mark Stevens (4/21)

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Bestselling author, hopeless romantic and lover of women, Mark Stevens has written his first novel, Evidence of Love. A great gift for the Mom who loves to read romance novels. Think Girl On The Train and Big Little Lies. 

In this thriller, wealthy, willowy 25 year old Carly Irons is putting pressure on her 55 year old, moneyed lover, Kirk Sarns, to leave his wife. Carly doesn’t just want Kirk she also wants a specific stunning Beau Arts prewar Park Avenue apartment. It’s quickly revealed that Carly’s father inappropriately touched her when she was an adolescent and her mother tried to seduce Carly’s beaus including one August Blair the III. Her parents are famous cardiologists to the stars but Carly later distances herself from them after her mother is murdered and uses her looks and sex to get what she thought.she.was due. It is often riveting and sometimes a deeply disturbing story of the ultra-rich and youth-obsessed

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Contributor: Carol Bloom Stevens

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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