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A site with no content is basically worthless to a search engine, so it’s crucial to have a robust content production strategy even when your team is lean. Outsourcing a writer or writers to create regular and frequent content will immediately begin to generate SEO value for your site, while also serving as a long-term, top-of-funnel inbound strategy for potential customers, whose first point of contact with your brand may be a blog post or video somewhere down the line. It can also support and aid your organic social efforts as well.

The more content you have available to use, he more original material you have to publish on social media. For most people, the biggest consideration is cost. Outsourcing a solid freelance writer to create content in a part-time capacity is going to be, in most cases, cheaper than hiring on a full-time employee. Even when your business is more established, you may find it more economical to hire a content marketing manager to oversee freelancers and contractors, than to hire a team of writers, videographers, and other content creators in-house.

Contributors: Daryl Lindsey from Stryde

Written by Zak Parker

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