Fanny on Fire by Edith G.Tolchin (3/19)

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Fanny on Fire, a finalist in the Foreword Reviews INDIE Book Awards, is a comedic novel, bursting with life lessons for everyone, and comic relief.

It’s a fun, educational read that everyone can relate to at one point or another throughout the chapters.

Outlier Fanny Goldman contacts the Feed Us Channel by video during a three a.m. insomnia bout to kvetch about a particular lack of diversity in the station’s lineup. She inadvertently lands her own cooking show because she slept with the producer almost forty years before. Throughout her weird and wretched life, multi-married, politically incorrect Fanny learns to cope with adversity by absurdity. Meet all of Fanny’s colorful suitors including the weiner-wiper, the shower-singing galactic troubadour, and Fanny’s soul mate, spicy Solly Rabinowitz. Fanny shares heartbreak, happiness and love of family, friends, and strangers with her own, inimitable brand of Bronx humor. And, oy, the secret recipe that brought about chair-twerking for seniors!

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Contributors: Edith G. Tolchin  from EdieTolchin

Written by Taegan Lion


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  1. I loved this funny, light hearted, story that most people can relate too! Down home especially if you grew up in NYC!!!!

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