Female tech leaders, invite more women into your decision making (1/14)

We’re at the point with women in tech leadership that those of us in leadership must start bringing up other women to the table. The broader issues of equal pay, unrealistic expectations of the work/home life dichotomy, sexual harassment in the workplace, and gender gaps in industries will only be addressed when women have a larger role in decision-making positions in the workplace.

And as more women find themselves in elevated positions, we’ll shape the conversations, the priorities, and the communities in our respective workspaces. More women in leadership roles (and more women, in general, entering the field) will chip away at the struggles and inequalities that plague females in tech.

Will everything be resolved in 2018? No. Will it be magically fixed by the end of the decade? Probably not. But for any woman pursuing a tech career, know that it will get better. The more women we have, the more our voices will be heard.

Contributors: Dasha Moore from Solodev

Written by Zak Parker

Journalist, writer, musician, professional procrastinator. I'll add more here later.

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