FLC Legal: The War in Vietnam That Was Never Reported (8/24)

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FLC Legal is an inside look at a side of the Vietnam war that most people would believe could not have happened, not to mention, did happen in the US Marine Corps. It tells the story of a band of young trial lawyers, who had also spent nearly a year in training to become Marine Corps infantry officers. 

FLC Legal is a first-hand account of several murder trials, a racially inspired grenade throwing, or fragging incident, where one Marine was killed and 62 were injured. While the action in the court room was electric, the blacks were killing the whites, the enlisted were killing the officers, and Charlie was killing the Americans. One had to be very clever in that environment to have a good time, but the Marine lawyers at FLC had a grand time, did their jobs remarkably well, and all lived to tell about it.

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Contributor: Ryan Kenna from Austin Macauley Publishing 

Written by Taegan Lion

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