For Mothers + Daughters: Enter The Red Circle: A Charting Mandala (1/7)

This coloring book allows women to chart their menstrual cycle, which is all-year round. Many women, including mothers, (which included me) were never taught about menstrual cycles. This book will help you understand what your body was telling you, both the good and the bad and the normal.

This workbook allows women to finally get up close and personal with their body and helps us understand the many nuances that would otherwise be just speculative: pain, mood swings, and being intimately familiar with the changes in our body.

It is also special to me because, Stasha Washburn, who is the Period Coach, used this system to help her understand why she would have these severely painful periods that no doctor could help her find the cure to.

She started charting her menstrual cycle, changed her diet and various other things to finally return to pain-free periods. A painful period is considered normal because more than 70% of women suffer from some form of PMS. It is, however, not normal and is considered normal only because there was so little known about it, and so little research on this issue.

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Contributor: Sudiksha Joshi, Ph.D


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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