Get a cat! Why a cat? They're so soft and cuddly (25/26)

They’re independent! The new kitty litter is essentially odorless and so easy to clean up. Studies show that cat owners are less likely to have heart attacks and strokes than dog owners. The reasons for that are certainly multi-factorial, but some of those reasons are obvious. We have to really take care of dogs in a way that we don’t have to take care of cats. We have to walk them, wash them, let them out to poop and pee. We can’t leave them alone for very long. 

We have to train them or let them behave like bad toddlers for the rest of their lives. This is stressful! I have patients who injure themselves and their main concern is that they can’t take care of their dog. Many of them start crying when they tell me this. I never hear the same fretting from a cat owner. 

Contributor: Barbara Bergin, M.D

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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