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Sometimes what we are really seeking when we are experiencing loneliness is to feel connected to something. It doesn’t have to be a friend or partner. It can be a pet, an object or an activity. Something that makes us feel grounded and mindful. Being aware of this can empower you to find comfort in being alone from time to time.

I recommend Creative Therapy as a way to express your emotions but actually, something as simple as acknowledging the ground beneath your feet as you walk, how it feels as you stroke your dog/cat etc, what you can hear as you meditate or what you can smell as you cook can all help you to feel more present and secure in yourself.

Of course, creativity doesn’t have to be something done alone. You could go to classes where you meet people who enjoy the same activity or even just share your work online in a space that it will be appreciated. You have complete freedom with this. The most important thing is for you to feel connected to whatever you choose to do, alone or with others.

Contributors: Emmy Brunner from The Recover Clinic

Written by Ben Skute

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