Get Together In Person (10/11)

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If you want to have more meaningful friendships, get out from behind just social media, for starters. Yes, social media is a quick, easy, and free way to communicate, but you’re telling everyone in your network about yourself, and what’s going on in your life, at once. Truly meaningful friendships have to be selective and personal.

Get together in person.

Talk on the phone. Text each other, selectively, of course, respecting each other’s schedules and other relationships and competing demands.

Remember each other’s birthdays but do more than just posting a birthday note on your friend’s Timeline on Facebook. Yes, send a card, call on the phone, get together and do something special, send a token gift, if you exchange gifts.

Listen to your friend and be there for him/her when he/she needs you. Emotional support is key but so is having fun together!

Contributors: Jan Yager from DrJanYager

Written by Ben Skute

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