Give Your Team a Sense of Brand Ownership (2/18)

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In order for your rebranding to be successful, your entire staff needs to believe in your organization’s new look and feel. If there’s a disconnect, or if the new brand is a surprise or feels forced upon them, your staff will not buy in and will not effectively communicate your new brand to the market. The key is to designate a core team to spearhead the brand refresh process; they lead the charge and make decisions.

This core team should be charged with managing the internal communication process from launch to finish in a transparent and inclusive manner. We’ve all heard the phrase, Too many chefs in the kitchen. You have to be careful when it comes to inputs into the rebranding process. Too many voices will cause gridlock while completely isolating your team from the rebranding process can be damaging as well. You need to choose your team carefully in order to make sure the rebranding sticks and is effective.

Contributors: Mira Bragg from Illumine8 Marketing & PR

Written by Zak Parker

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