GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams (28/47)

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WOMEN SHARE A COMMON EPIDEMIC: DREAM DRAIN. Their goals and dreams are often put on hold or they quietly slip away. They adjust their dreams to fit their circumstances, rather than adjusting their circumstances to fit their dreams. How do you recover lost goals and dreams? How do you move forward if you are in transition or feeling lost or stuck? The answer can be as simple as focusing on everyday objects. GO! How to Get Going and Achieve your Goals and Dreams teaches women and girls in four guided steps, how to select and display special objects that represent their goals. Through mindfulness, repetitive visualization and tenacious planning, the Goal Objects (GO!) become an empowering compass to keep a woman on the path towards her goals. The Goal Objects become a metaphor of her life and regular reminder of what she wants to achieve.

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Contributors: Marcia Morgan from Migima, LLC

Written by Taegan Lion

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