Good enough is good enough (5/9)

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The expectation that we need to deliver perfection stops us from ever starting, we self sabotage through self criticism that leads to procrastination and robs us of the affirmation gained from getting the job done. If we allow ourselves to feel the fear without recrimination, step back and objectively acknowledge it as part of the process, part of being human, then choose to carry on despite it, we provide ourselves with an opportunity to overcome those fears. 

For example, Technology giant Apple, when they release a new Iphone know there are flaws in the product, but they don’t wait until the product is 100% perfect to release it, they’ve developed the product to a standard that is good enough for 294 million people world wide (as of 2015). The less than perfect product standard does not stop us buying and appreciating the technology. It is unlikely that the good people at Apple go home and cry into their pillows because the newly released piece of tech has a bug, they just get on with making a better product for the next release. It will never be perfect but it is definitely good enough.

Contributors: Emmanuella Grace from Find Your Voice

Written by Ben Skute

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