GULATI Home Tandoor Oven (3/54)

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A tandoor oven is traditionally used to bake Indian or Middle Eastern breads like naan and to cook kebabs. Our ovens are used in restaurants worldwide and we offer a smaller version of the same ovens for outdoor use. It provides oil-free, roasted food with all the punch of a 900°F oven/smoker.

Our large & extra large portable outdoor home tandoor oven allows you to cook more food at once – the dimensions of this home tandoor are made for optimal use. Cook breads and skewers together. The largest home tandoor oven available and handcrafted by Indian artisans for generations.

You will leave your guests in awe by adding unprecedented heat and spice to a summer BBQ with a Home Tandoor! Great size for feeding small families or gatherings from 4 to 25 people (XL model can feed parties of more than 50). Perfectly sized for optimal capacity & portability, perfect for your next outdoor event!

Contributors: Karan Gulati from GULATI Tandoors

Written by Ben Skute

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