Handcrafted vegan mushroom leather wallet (3/26)

Handmade Wallet

I have been making wallets for about 6 years and traditionally I have used regular animal leathers, but recently I started experimenting with something a bit more unusual, mushroom leather.

I am currently running a kickstarter they makes these mushroom leather wallets available to order and customize.

Vegan Mushroom leather Wallets

Stephen Sprites is raising funds for Vegan Mushroom leather Wallets on Kickstarter! I will make you a Vegan, animal friendly leather wallet made from mushroom leather, the inside will be made from banana leather.

Mushroom leather is a godsend material which I want to utilize to make things like this wallet in the future. I decided that, I already know how to make wallets and it’s a small enough item that people can carry around and it can act as a good ambassador for the concept.

Written by Stephen

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