Haro Is Great For Making Connections, And Helping Others (15/40)

My name is Jonathan Marsh and I own a company called Home Helpers of Bradenton, a licensed Florida Home Health Agency. We provide non-medical in-home caregiving services as well as medical alert services to individuals in our community, primarily seniors, and individuals with disabilities. Our website can be found here. Our primary social media outlet is our Facebook page.

I use HARO because it allows for me to connect with others to share my knowledge and experiences while at the same time allowing the opportunity for some SEO benefits for my business’ website. By responding to the HARO inquiries, I have been able to help others in their blogs or articles whether it be related to my business or just me personally. At the same time, writing helps keep me sharp in my field and keeps the thoughts and ideas flowing. 

I actually speak about a lot of the things I write about so contributing to HARO requests actually helps me to continue to hone my skills and build upon my knowledge. In doing so, I have made some lasting connections that would allow for me to contribute thoughts and ideas with those individuals in the future. 

It has also opened the doors for some guest blogging opportunities for myself and for those individuals to be guest bloggers on my company’s blog. 

Overall, HARO has been an exciting and fun experience for me from the start. I have responded to HARO requests off and on since September 2017.

Contributor: Jonathan Marsh

Company: homehelpershomecare.com | LinkedIn

Written by Nathaniel Fried

Co-founder of Fupping. Busy churning out content and building an empire.

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