Health is wealth, invest in yourself! (12/25)

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As you wake up in the morning start to move your feet with your toes prepare your body to do the exercise before you even get out of bed set up at the edge of the bed start to extend your ankles and slowly begin to move joint by joint toes to nose. A busy individual should consider exercise in the morning get the benefits of increased energy and time-saving strategy.  Take care of all your health concerns and needs first thing in the a.m., utilize a kettlebell, thera-band or fitness ball workout equipment that incorporates total body training in only 10 min of exercise.

Make everything you’re doing an exercise;  sit down properly and maintain proper posture, drive with your seat upright and focus on core stability, park further away or take public transportation to increase total body movement. If you have kids incorporate playtime in to exercise fun time.

My last suggestion is to eat amazing fruits and vegetables this gives you more energy. Our bodies are complex works of art which require nutrients oxygen at rest and exercise. Continued contribution of these key elements will keep you winning!

Contributors: Pascal Hyppolite from Healthwealth.Fitness, Inc.

Written by Ben Skute

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