Healthy Kiddos Plates-Giving Kids a Reason To Eat Healthy (10/16)

Kid Eating Grapes

We are creating a series of plates and other educational products that help kids understand the WHY of eating healthy.

Thanks to my MS in Health Promotion, I knew the benefits of a healthy diet and was passionate about passing that along to my children. I found that teaching them specifically about what each fruit and vegetable did in the body helped my children to want to eat them more. While I could remember the key nutrients in a few fruits and vegetables off the top of my head, most seemed to be locked inside of my Mom brain!

After searching the web for a kid-friendly resource, I discovered there wasn’t one to be found! My entrepreneurial and supportive husband suggested I create a product that would fulfill this need–maybe I wasn’t the only Mom in search of such a tool? Thus the vision for Healthy Kiddos and our plate series was born!

Each of our plates has a unique design and has been created to teach even the youngest of children what happens in the body when a particular fruit or vegetable is eaten.

Written by Ann Earl

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