Her Social Media Profiles Begin To Look Different (9/10)

Cheating girlfriends often change their physical appearance. They start wearing different and more attractive clothing. They change up their hairstyle and start wearing even just a little more makeup.

One way to tell what’s going on behind your back is to look at how your girlfriend is presenting herself. Are the selfies she’s putting on Instagram looking too sexy? Or maybe she’s posting too many attractive look-at-me kind of pictures. Cheating girlfriends also tend to start being more social suddenly. Was your girlfriend a sweatpants-wearing, let’s stay in and binge on Netflix kind of girl before you noticed her social calendar was expanding?

You might notice she’s posting more pictures on Facebook of her with her girlfriends. And the cute selfies you took together are slowly moving down the timeline. Changes in how she’s presenting herself on social sites could be an indication that she’s unfaithful.

Contributors: Justin Lavelle from BeenVerified

Written by Ben Skute

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