How to read Literature like a professor by Thomas C Foster (9/18)

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I think every writing major for more than the past decade can explain the usefulness and value of this book. Personally, this book came to me roughly after I graduated high school and was just starting college and I realized I wasn’t going to get feed the answers as both a reader and writer. So the desire to retain more information about the sweet science we call writing brought me to this great read.

I believe there’s a saying around the lines of, “To be a great writer first you need to learn to enjoy reading” or something to that extent.

There are so many lessons I’ve learned from this book that still resonates with me and how little has in fact changed in it’s application to creating fiction. I think the core thesis of the book is just that nothing exists in a vacuum and its okay to relate both writing and leaving the experience to both historical, social, and personal interpretation.

Your interpretation of your any level of reality be it through research or through your own manifestation of ideas can and could be used to anticipate and interpret the needs of the reader. This book kept me and still does accountable to both the whim and expectations of the audience I produce the content for.

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Contributors: Hero Lux from Surreal Dreams Studios

Written by Taegan Lion

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