Instant Inner Peace 30″ Necklace (7/18)

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Being a mom is an awesome gig. It’s also a highly stressful gig with little sleep and lots of overwhelm! You give this inspiring necklace to the mom-to-be to help her to channel inner peace in the middle of a busy day or busy 2am and 4am and 6am feeding!

The necklace serves as a wearable reminder to BREATHE. RELAX. REPEAT. This is the formula every mom needs to relax and stay focused on the joys, beauty and love-filled moments of motherhood! The engraved bars dangle down to be read and even used like worry beads where you can rub them together to help the mom relax. The necklace comes in gold, rose-gold and silver. The chain can be adjusted to anywhere from 32 inches to 16 inches.

Contributors: Karen Salmansohn from Not Salmon

Written by Ben Skute

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