JVC HA-S90BN Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones (2/3)

The newest offering from JVC, these combine stunningly good sound quality with superior noise cancelling technology to provide a listening experience that stands out among its competitors. Up to a 35 hour battery life, and an ergonomic design engineered for long-term listening comfort make these the perfect headphones for those extended road trips, or when you just get your groove on and don’t want to stop the tunes.

JVC have long hung behind other large competitors like Sony and Beats in terms of popularity, but in real terms you get more bang for your buck with these headphones as you aren’t paying for the brand name. 3 selectable sound modes, streaming from devices up to 10 metres away and a built in mic for wireless conversations make these headphones really stand out from the crowd. Perfect for someone who doesn’t like to fit in.

Written by Rhiannon Jacob

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