JVL Bracelet – First Ever Customizable Anchor Bracelet (1/26)

Four Anchor Skick Customisable Customizable Anchor Accessory

Introducing The World’s First Customizable Anchor Bracelet

As avid bracelet users our team sought out to create something unique. Our passion for accessories led us to create a product that could potentially disrupt an industry. Never before has it been this easy to match a stylish accessory with ANY outfit.

Designing this product, our goal was to emphasize the user of today, a truly individual person who likes to express emotions through fashion. A great design that is timeless and unisex.

The openable ring let you switch band color withins seconds, just as your emotions and state of mind can, which is what we want the bracelet to represent. That’s why we added Powers to each color as a symbol and reminder of your inner strengths.

Never again do you need to spend money on a new bracelet to match your new outfit, now you can just get a new band at the fraction of the price, it will both be convenient and economically. We will in the future introduce more jewelry, colors and materials to expand to an even broader audience and styles.

See the project page and video yourself and let us know what you think!https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1622939158/jvl-bracelet-first-ever-customizable-anchor-bracel

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