Know the Why behind your Visions (9/14)

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The first step is to know what you want. The second step is to know why you want it. If you want something but don’t know the core reasoning behind why you want it, then it won’t motivate you. Why do you want to accomplish this specific goal or vision? I use a technique I call the ‘5 levels of Why’. Participants are asked “Why” 5 times in order to get to the real reason behind a goal they want to accomplish – it’s what I call a Soul Goal.  For example, if someone’s goal is to be a millionaire:

  • Why?
  • So I can just be free
  • Why do you want to be free?
  • So I can spend time with my family
  • Why do you want to spend time with your family?
  • Because I don’t get much time with them.
  • Why not?
  • I’m busy working.
  • Why?
  • To make more money and become a millionaire.

Notice that this person is working only to ultimately spend more time with his family, but in doing so is taking time from his family.  If you don’t know the core ‘Why’ behind what you do every day, you’re sleepwalking through life.

ContributorsJoyce Rojas from My Success Studio

Written by Ben Skute

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