Laptop Cooling Pad (6/8)

Laptop Cooling Pad

I have an older Lenevo laptop computer upon which I rely heavily for work and entertainment.

While it is a great machine, it tends (like most laptops) to overheat especially when I am running some programs in the background or playing an online game.

I also like to stream movies from my computer in bed and we all know that a laptop will overheat very fast when placed directly on blankets.

I bought this laptop cooling pad two years ago after a friend’s computer died from overheating and I am really glad I did. This is probably one of the most useful laptop accessories I own and I credit the Havit Laptop Cooling Pad with extending my aging computer’s lifespan.

This cooling pad comes with a convenient extra USB plug and is also relatively quiet.

I can definitely vouch for its sturdiness. I eat and drink at my desk and I also have a long-haired cat who loves to “cuddle” with the computer. Neither food crumbs nor kitty has had any adverse effect on it and it has been running smoothly for the past two years.

As I was finishing this review, I lifted my laptop from its cooling pad and touched its bottom; it is perfectly cool and you would never guess that my machine has been in use for the past three hours.

Find out more about this great product by clicking the buy now link below.

Written by Beatrice

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