Let her find out your qualities on her own (5/24)

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Too many men try to wow girls by bragging about themselves or by trying to prove themselves. But by doing so, they trigger they get the girls to see them as insecure and low value guys. And thus, they trigger the opposite feelings of those they wanted to trigger in the first place. When a guy does this, he doesn’t look as a fully achieved man. A charismatic and confident man doesn’t brag about himself. He doesn’t need to prove himself.

When you don’t brag about yourself, you’re actually impressive. And you’re even more impressive when you let the girl find out on her own your impressive qualities (or attractive lifestyle), without telling her about them (or at least without telling her right away). When she finds this out by herself, she realizes that you’re different from all those insecure guys who would have rushed to tell her about it. She realizes that you don’t try at all to wow her. And that’s impressive. She feels that there might be many other interesting things to find out about you.

Contributors: Jack Vittelli from Road To Solidity

Written by Ben Skute

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