Leverage the power of Google (9/34)

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The advantage of hiring a good SEO expert is that you can leverage the far-reaching power of Google. Once you are ranking high in Google search results, you are now reaching as many people that search for the keywords that you are targeting.

Depending on your industry and your location, that can be thousands and thousands of “free” leads. For example, we are currently ranked between 1 and 3 in Google for some of the main keywords we are targeting. Just by showing up at the top of Google, we have potential customers reaching out to us via phone or by filling out the forms on our website. Since we are in real estate, each one of these leads can potentially bring in over $10,000 of revenue. And if you have a good CRM and follow up system, this could also turn into repeat business.

Contributors: Cornelius Charles from Dream Home Property Solutions, LLC

Written by Zak Parker

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